Aphrodite Effect
Aphrodite Effect

Aphrodite Effect is for women looking for love. Your perspective and beliefs about love, marriage, and relationships will shift to be much more positive. Your love story will be healed and you receive a clean slate and give you an easy positive guide for relationships.

Aphrodite Effect raises your vibration, clears the past energetically and allows you to look at the past differently, without blame. This program is all about increasing compassion, love and becoming more desirable. Aphrodite was forever young, radiant and beautiful. We weave some magic and give you a new blueprint for love.

The Aphrodite Effect will shift your romantic relationships but also your business relationships and even friendships.

What you get in this Aphrodite Effect Course

Feeling lost and depleted in your past relationships? All your relationships improve! Stand taller, know yourself better and understand why marriages and relationships fail. Friendships deepen, life becomes more fun. You will shift your paradigm of the past and become irresistibly desirable. We are taking the best of Aphrodite.

You will learn the fastest path to love and happiness.

I share the 3 reasons you have had so much trouble in your relationships

I strip away the myths of relationships and give you the path to love

Why we feel so triggered in our relationships

Part I

A gentle look at you. Where you give yourself permission to be compassionate and turn a soft focus to you. Women have a tendency to give too much and then feel resentful that they weren’t taken care of. You will learn how to self-nurture and focus on you.

Why are relationships so challenging?

Move beyond giving too much where you lose yourself in your relationships. Overturn the paradigm of giving till exhausted. A gentler softer version of you will show up.

You will learn how to create your own magic in your relationships and life.

You will feel filled and loved during part I.

You will understand what relationships do for us.

You learn about the gifts and lessons of relationships and that there is no such thing as failure. All those relationships were lessons. We live longer in loving relationships.

True healing begins.

Part II

All about being ALL IN.

You might have felt you were settling – with one foot in and one foot out. You might have felt you were constantly looking for someone better while in a relationship. If you are miserable the other person is too.

Part III

Co-creating with the Universe.

You will be walked through every step including all my secrets of how to manifest.

You will get laser focused on what you want.

Your vibration raises as you become more loving and compassionate with you.

Don’t skip the first two steps.

I give you the techniques to use to co-create and manifest your love.

I explain why it has taken longer than you think it should.

Price $27

Aphrodite Effect