We are made up of energy. Everything around us is energy. Our emotions have energy. Every thought we think and every emotion we feel has energy. When we get upset, angry and yell, we create holes in our auric field that is like an open invitation for energy from outside of us to attach to us.

“Healing isn’t something that we can touch physically, but experience emotionally and with our senses”  Anahit F.

Guilt has a low vibration, as does blame and shame. Every time something occurs that upsets us, like a death in the family, a breakup or divorce, we are left with feelings we often suppress. Some people cannot cry, as they are so blocked. An energy clearing after a breakup or death allows you to breathe, and it clears the powerful blocks in our heart and other places in our body that grief can create.

What Can Be Helped With An Energy Clearing?

Grief, fear, abundance, health, finances, love, anxiety, depression, worry, insomnia, unhappiness, obsession, a feeling of being stuck, rage, heartache, rejection, abandonment, entity attachments, sexual assault and molestation, divorce, stress, agitation, anger, fear, focus, clarity, feeling lighter, more positive and free. I have witnessed heartburn clear up, stopped crying that can’t be stopped, squashed and removed suicidal tendencies, and so much more. Joint problems, anger, any emotional upset can be remedied and lightened. Energy clearings also alleviate PTSD.


“It feels like a heavy curtain that was pressing on me was lifted off, and suddenly I feel really light. And the blurriness goes away, giving me clear vision.” Anahit F.
  • Most of us walk around thinking thoughts about ourselves that aren’t the most beneficial. We berate ourselves for marrying, and then divorcing our partners. We feel shame and guilt for past events that we mull around in our minds. Even something as simple as a fender bender leaves behind an energy imprint of fear, anxiety, and might make us feel life isn’t safe. If we were victimized at any time in our lives, we might carry an imprint of victimization around with us that emanates out into the world, bringing back like a boomerang more events that leave us feeling like a victim.

    We aren’t really victims, but circumstances can make us feel this way. Think of an energy clearing like a car wash. Can you imagine if you never washed your car? Think of the layers upon layers of dust, dirt, grease, and oil that would be weighing our car down over the years. We shower, do our laundry and wash our cars. An energy clearing is like a car wash for your soul and body.

    Negativity can create patterns and programs that we can’t seem to overcome. An energy clearing allows us to feel lighter, freer and more positive so we can function without falling apart emotionally. Our emotions are meant to move, yet many of us get stuck in the trap of thinking obsessive thoughts that loop and create a downward spiral we can’t seem to get free from. An energy clearing stops the looping thoughts and downward spiral.

  • When we have a shock, like abandonment, sexual molestation or trauma of any sort, we can feel broken. When trauma occurs, our physical form might not be able to make sense of what happened, and can even block out our memories. The feeling of brokenness is real. Parts of our soul shatter like splintered glass when we drop a mirror. These shards of our soul need to be cleared and re-assimilated back into our soul. This process is amazing for allowing us to feel altogether and whole. 

  • Whether you believe in past lives or not, an energy clearing will allow you to feel lighter, more focused, and peaceful. An energy clearing can help you feel more connected, happier, and less anxious or depressed. When we stuff anger deep down for years, it can lead to depression and the feeling that we don’t have a right to feel the way we do. We should be grateful, but why aren’t we?

    Past Lives can bleed through into our present life circumstances. We can meet people that have killed us in the past or deserted us. I have encountered entire family units that have returned to be together to help each other evolve, which sounds wonderful and it can be. However, often we have a sibling or parent that abandoned us at birth by dying, and for some reason, we feel an underlying feeling of abandonment.

  • I have worked with several people who have had suicidal tendencies and are now recovered.

    One woman was so seriously depressed and suicidal that she couldn’t even stay on the phone with me. I continued to perform the clearing for her and repeated the clearing the next day, as I felt she had been drinking through the night. Alcohol, prescription medication, and even marijuana can leave holes in the auric field, inviting dark energies to attach. I cleared these energies again and again for her.

    Gradually, she began to feel better. She went from being unable to perform her job as an attorney and mother to feeling well enough to resume her life, which had been closed to her because of the suicidal programs attached to her. She had committed suicide in her past life, but the bigger issue was that her father had committed suicide when she was twelve and talked to her about it before he killed himself. She felt she should have been able to save him and stop him, even though she was a child at the time. The energy of her guilt weighed her down to such an extent that it made her depressed and suicidal.

    Another young woman was a friend of one of my children. She had a father who attempted suicide and was imprisoned. Her boyfriend then overdosed, which understandably threw her for a loop emotionally. When I cleared her, I found 12 past lives where she had committed suicide. Committing suicide or attempting to was her go-to process for escaping life issues when they became too great for her. Once I cleared the past lives and the dark energies from her field, she did not attempt to take her life again.

  • No matter how spiritual we are, no matter how much we pray or meditate, all of us are candidates for entity attachments and dark energies.

    Certain circumstances make us more susceptible to possession, and they are: smoking pot, taking prescription medication, being in terrible pain both physically and emotionally, sexual molestation, rape, and sexual assault all invite demonic possession in.

    The way I got involved in Spirit Releasement was from having been possessed myself. I had never been suicidal but had experiences for some time where a voice inside me that wasn’t me, recommended that I drive off the end of the road, or fall on a pair of scissors, and even hurt my children. I became a Hypnotherapist after having been through a de-possession myself. Some of us come into our lives with a demon attached.  For the longest time, I wondered why on earth I would have these terrible thoughts. The thoughts weren’t generated by me, but through me. I continue to clear myself daily and always before I clear another person.

    How Do We Know If There Is An Attachment?

    Sometimes we have items in our house that move without us touching them. Sometimes we hear voices or see shadow people in our homes out of the corner of our eye.

    Home Clearing

    If we have a demon attached, there is usually a need to have our home cleared as well. All clearings can be done remotely no matter how far away. There is no space, time or distance with energy.

How Will I Feel?

Most people feel more peaceful, even sleepy during a clearing. Some people just feel lighter and more pleasant. Some feel a slight tingling sensation and others feel nothing at all during the clearing. The evidence is in how you feel one day after, and then after five days after everything assimilates. Most people feel better immediately, though I have known one person that received an energy clearing to contact me after a month that she had tried everything to get off crystal methamphetamine and 30 days later she was clean and clear with no drug addiction.

Everyone is different. What you experience is correct for you.

Pricing for sessions:

Each session – $275 for 1 hour/$135 for 30 minutes

Package of 3 – $600 for 3 hours ($225 savings!)

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