Witness the transformation in your relationships, creative desires and endeavors and lifelong struggles with false perception, self hatred,  and destructive, derailing behaviors.

The Clearings

Entity clearings are tricky things requiring several visits or clearings to make them go away. They always require at least 1-2 follow-ups, usually more.

Entity clients with severe trauma in their past (rape, sexual trauma and gang-rape) tend to have a lot of entities, including childhood entities that lead you down strange paths that then lead to poor choices or addictive behaviors, opening them up to additional entities.

*Certified Cht – Trained directly by Dr. Charles Skillas, Atlanta, GA

Pricing is for sessions:

  • First session – $250 for 90 minutes
  • All additional sessions or Skype calls – $165 per hour

Package 1 – The Clearings

This package is for a series of up to 3 clearings, then additional clearings as needed.

  • Package of 3, including the first one at 90 minutes – $525
  • All additional sessions or Skype calls – $165 per hour

I do additional entity clearings, as well as location and home clearings. Please contact me for a quote, giving me as much detail as you can, and a phone number and the best times to call you.