Infinite Love

Do you keep attracting love that doesn’t work? Do you feel that your picker is broken? Have you been told that if there were 100 people in the room, you would pick the one bad apple ?

Infinite Love opens the door to opportunities that weren’t available previously by unblocking your unconscious mind. With a change in mindset, you can have what you desire. Unconscious beliefs can defeat us when we have a disconnect between what we think we want and what our unconscious mind feels we need.

If we unconsciously reject love because we fear getting hurt we won’t be able to attract it. Understanding the ways we create beliefs is the first step, clearing the beliefs three different ways allows you to get out of your own way so that you believe in love.

It isn’t that all the good guys or women are all taken, it is that we don’t believe the red flags we see and explain them away rather than leaving when all the signs are trying desperately to get our attention.

Infinite Love allows you to step into your infinite potential to create the love you dream of. You feel more attractive. You become magnetic and exude love rather than repell it. You become the love you wish to have with laser clarity and knowledge of your core values, exactly what you want in a partner, what you don’t want and a powerful manifesting exercise to bring it to you.

What you learn: how to be rejection proof, how to extricate yourself gracefully when you recognize your date isn’t a good fit for you, rather than feeling you have to stay fearing there won’t be another. 

1. Change your mindset and believe in love
2. Recognize the red flags and make changes in your situation accordingly
3. Know your core values so that merge with yours.
4. Become laser focused and crystal clear about what you want, don’t want and must have. Without this clarity the universe doesn’t know what you want. 
5. Manifesting exercise
6. Best communication practice for deeper intimacy. Fair fighting and passionate sex
7. How to live in your infinite potential in all areas of your life and love
8. How to be rejection proof.
Price: $147