Infinite Love

This series of seven 1-hour audio programs is a live class that has been recorded. It flows and teaches as if you were on the live calls. Be sure to do each assignment to get the most out of this powerful course, complete with clearings!

Do you keep attracting love that doesn’t work? Do you feel that your picker is broken? Have you been told that if there were 100 people in the room, you would pick the one bad apple ?

Infinite Love opens the door to opportunities that weren’t available previously by unblocking your unconscious mind. With a change in mindset, you can have what you desire. Unconscious beliefs can defeat us when we have a disconnect between what we think we want and what our unconscious mind feels we need.

If we unconsciously reject love because we fear getting hurt we won’t be able to attract it. Understanding the ways we create beliefs is the first step, clearing the beliefs three different ways allows you to get out of your own way so that you believe in love.

It isn’t that all the good guys or women are all taken, it is that we don’t believe the red flags we see and explain them away rather than leaving when all the signs are trying desperately to get our attention.

 Infinite Love allows you to step into your infinite potential to create the love you dream of. You feel more attractive. You become magnetic and exude love rather than repell it. You become the love you wish to have with laser clarity and knowledge of your core values, exactly what you want in a partner, what you don’t want and a powerful manifesting exercise to bring it to you.

What You Will Learn Through Infinite Love

  1. Red Flags and other Signs he / or she isn’t the right fit.
  2. Why you ignored the red flags in the past?
  3. How your family of origin affects your choices and who you attract?
  4. Why loving you is the biggest and most important gift to give you?
  5. Why love didn’t last in the past?
  6. Shifting your negative beliefs about the opposite sex.
  7. Affirmations to affirm and attract love.
  8. Clearing the blocks to giving and receiving love.
  9. Discover how to end a date or relationship gracefully without ranchor or anger.
  10. Learn how to tap into your body’s internal wisdom to recognize your truth about who you are dating.
  11. Find out when it’s okay to have sex, and what you are telling your date about you and your future by having sex on the first date.
  12. How to get a guy to commit.
  13. Getting back into the saddle again. Sex after a long break. How to address some of the challenges.
  14. When is it okay to introduce a date/partner to your children?
  15. Breathing practices to allow you to clear your energy on your own.
  16. Confidence in your inherent beauty and sexuality.
  17. How to move on emotionally when you discover it isn’t a good fit
  18. Recognizing a keeper when you have one!


Some of The Reasons Things Haven’t Worked

  1. We stay with the wrong person because we see the good in them and ignore the red flags.
  2. We see their potential and marry the untapped potential.
  3. When we don’t have complete confidence in ourselves it is difficult to say, this won’t work for me and move on. 
  4. We don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  5. Everyone has positive qualities and faults. We think we can live with this.
  6. We ignore or don’t recognize our deal breakers.
  7. We don’t know ourselves enough to know what we really want.
  8. We are afraid to be ourselves because we think they won’t like us.
Infinite Love

It’s More About You Than Them!

    • Discover what love is
    • We uncover 50 Red Flags you probably wouldn’t think of all these
    • Dive into the real reason you ignored the (EWS) Early Warning Signs
    • Why you have settled for less than you deserve
    • Find out how to stop from repeating past patterns of self-sabotage
    • Discover why you haven’t found love
    • A clearing of all your reasons for settling for less than you deserve that leaves you feeling lighter, freer and decidedly more positive and confident
    • Find out the differences between what men and women want from a relationship
    • Discover what keeps us in bad relationships so long
    • Eliminate the one thing to attract what you truly desire
    • A powerful energetic clearing of limiting beliefs that keep you from having love
    • Discover how women push love away and get it cleared
    • If you’ve had your heart broken you will want this clearing
    • Learn how to make your unconscious mind work for you while you sleep
    • Stop the frustration with these special secret insights
    • Clearing the blocks to giving and receiving love
    • The Cascade of Miracle Prayer that has brought miraculous results to many
    • Learn how to tap your unlimited potential
    • Get to know your core values so you don’t end up with someone that hates what you love
    • A powerful somatic breathwork exercise to release distorted beliefs about love and relationships
    • A magic mantra that brings men /or women energetically to you fast!
    • Discover how we unconsciously attract a partner and get the opposite of what we desire
    • A powerful exercise to move you out of attracting what you don’t want
    • Find out how some of us live in the past energetically and are stuck in a past bad relationship vortex
    • Uncover the real reason you attracted such destructive relationships – once you learn this you will begin to notice right away the next time
    • Uncover and clear the unconscious fears about love – fear of being hurt, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment
    • What happens when our expectations about love are too high?
    • Discover how you energetically give men a “shove off!” message unknowingly
    • Release past pain painlessly
    • Recognize the patterns of negativity that keep bringing the “Wrong” ones
    • Get laser focused on what you really want and a powerful manifesting exercise
    • Experience a powerful meditation where your heart expands and you feel what your new love feels like
    • Overcome the fantasy and manifest the reality
    • Why do relationships end?
    • Modern love needs to be different find out why
    • Discover what it takes to make love last and have a continuous honeymoon
    • Healthy love versus codependency
    • What it means to love without attachment and why it is so important
    • Become bullet proof
    • In this module we turn up the heat and talk about intimacy and how to create it effortlessly
    • Discover why the relationship with yourself is the most important to have a loving connected and balanced love
    • How to deepen trust
    • Discover what the best foundation is for a loving connected relationship – it’s not what you think
    • Discover creative ways to connect without sex with your partner
    • How to make sex even better
    • Learn what to watch for to avoid the narcissists and liars
    • Discover what love is and isn’t so you know the difference and what to watch for
    • Why do traditional relationships not work?
    • What does attachment do to relationships
    • How to make a relationship go the distance and stand the test of time?


This extraordinary high-value program is being offered at this very special price.

That’s a $1,575 value for 7 hours of coaching with Jennifer, complete with clearings!

Infinite Love

Jennifer's Infinite Love series was truly transformative!

Jennifer not only speaks of love, but she emanates love and with a unique enthusiasm, lightness and wonderful humor. Compassion and authenticity shines through her teachings. From a woman who considers herself “together” and deserving of Mr. Right, I couldn’t understand why I was in a continuous stream of Mr. Wrongs. Jennifer unveils that which we may never consider: self-created block and restrictions to love and the reality that we are unconsciously pushing love away from us, rather than attracting it in. She guides us through deep reflective exercises that unfold how we may be living in energies of our past negative experiences and/or upbringings. She actively engages us in self-discovery tools that identify our core values and illuminate exactly what we want and don’t want in our partner so that we can easily recognize Mr. Wrong and quickly move on. For me, the lightbulb turned on!

While I believe in love, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t living in love’s energy which I have now learned is essential to attracting love back to us. Jennifer teaches breathing techniques to move emotions up and out and tools to tap into love energy. The most illuminating moment was when I learned that while I search for my perfect partner, I am actually reaffirming “ lack” of a partner and essentially creating a cycle of lack in my life. Jennifer turned my thought processes around and her teachings.
She reaffirmed my belief that gratitude is the key to receiving love and that it is not only a state of being, but most importantly a state of feeling. Once we feel love and open ourselves up to receiving love, we will attract love to us. I’ve been practicing this every day, throughout the day and it lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face, instantly! I consider myself a good manifester, but this course has heightened my manifestation practices! I embrace Jennifer’s unwaivering faith and trust that we can attract abundance and am emotionally grateful for the
gift of her teachings! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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