Just for Men
Just for Men
Some of my clients are men. Men come to me because they can tell me anything. They can cry, open up and unwind. I do not judge, condemn or criticize. Sometimes, they just need an ear. I do special clearings for men’s issues, business, and their love life. I help build self-esteem and evolve. 
I help men create, manifest, get grounded and connected to their bodies. I help men overcome unworthiness, insecurities, and misgivings about their worth. Men need love just like we women do. Some of the energies I clear for men are: anger, depression, unworthiness, worthlessness, rejection, anxiety, blocks to success, sadness, low self-esteem. No matter your issue, a session with me will allow you to step into a higher vibrating version of yourself. I love working with men who are committed to working through their issues.
Some of the most difficult things for men to face is their relationship with their mothers. I help release the past trauma and criticism. I do Spiritual Reparenting to recreate a story that feels better than what happened. Shifting the past allows a more pleasant door to open for tomorrow. 
I help men with business decisions, relationships, and life skills. Boundaries, intimacy, and connection are just some of the subjects that we cover in our private sessions. 
Contact me to learn more about how I can help you find peace with your past and happiness in your present and future.

What men are saying about working with Jennifer:
  “I don’t know what I would do without my weekly session with you. I tell you things I have never told anyone else.” JB
  “You are always a warm, welcoming person. You never judge and always listen to me. I feel heard and understood.” RA

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