Love Yourself Fearlessly

This is Jennifer’s signature program. 7 workbooks and videos guide you into loving acceptance of you. Each of us has had some traumatic experience in our childhood. We often get stuck in a paradigm remembering what didn’t happen, rather than focusing on what we learned. The past is put in perspective, a means to an end, your soul’s growth. Healing the past allows us to become fully integrated with our inner child.


Courageous respect, reverence and acceptance of you. Most of us give to others looking to be showered with love in return. What we don’t realize is that this is a manipulation: needing love. When we are needy, we often give too much and lose ourselves maybe feeling resentful or angry. Looking for love actually pushes love away. During this seven-week course you have permission to focus on you for the first time in your life! When you do, you stop giving away the farm and become love itself. You will shift your perspective to be completely comfortable, positive, satisfied and happy with your life.

This 7-week course guides you ever upward into loving acceptance of you. The more accepting of yourself you become, the more authentic you are about what others think of you, by recognizing your brilliance and magnificence.


  • Limited time only: 1-hour private healing session with Jennifer to jumpstart your process!
  • 7 PDF workbooks giving you powerful healing tools to use every day
  • 7 videos to help you focus deeply and lovingly on you


  • Recognize the patterns of the past, recognize the gift and lesson of each relationship
  • Get laser focused on what you truly want for the first time in your life
  • Honor yourself by recognizing what you don’t want and won’t tolerate
  • When you are laser focused you are co-creating powerfully with The Universe
  • Instead of focusing on others you begin to recognize you are your own source of power, peace and happiness
  • Loving acceptance of you allows you to become emotionally available to others

Your investment: $697.00

In this transformational program you get permission to focus on yourself. Instead of focusing your attention on others, you begin to learn who you are on a deep level. We spend years getting to know our mates, friends, and co-workers, yet most people don’t know ourselves intimately. 

Getting to know who you are is the first step in LYF program. Instead of beating yourself up, you begin to lovingly accept all of you, not just the parts you love but those that aren’t so shiny.

Part I 

  • Permission to accept you as you are with love and joy: GRANTED!
  • A shift of perception changes everything for the better
  • Get to know who you are. The first step in any relationship is to get to know the other person. This time the other is YOU!
Love Yourself Fearlessly

Part II

  • Our parents hold the key to understanding why we have acted, attracted and created our lives the way we have.
  • You’ll shift your perspective about the past in a good way with increased understanding and compassion about the way your life has played out so far

Part III

  • A powerful process that was Divinely Downloaded to Jennifer to recognize patterns in relationships
  • Recognizing our patterns is paramount to moving forward differently today and tomorrow whether in your current relationship or a new one
  • Letting go of guilt, and self-recrimination for a happier and more confident and positive you

Part IV

  • Get laser focused on what you want in your Divine Partner
  • The Universe can’t bring you what you want if you don’t know what it is in detail
  • You will get crystal clear on what you want, don’t want in preparation for this powerful process
  • You will do a ceremony to attract your mate

Part V

  • Get aligned with your soul
  • Learn how to raise your vibration with daily practices
  • Each practice builds upon the one before allowing you to calm the mind, soothe your soul and tap into your personal spiritual center easily
  • Step-by-step instructions are given

Part VI

  • Fall in love with your gifts
  • Everyone has gifts, you will dig deep to find out how you can serve humanity in wonderful ways
  • A commitment to serve in a bigger way

Part VII

  • Find out why conflict shows up, learn how to release anger and other emotions constructively
  • Magical healing practices and tools to transform challenging emotions
  • Quick and easy methods for shifting challenging relationships no matter who they are without a conversation


“Jennifer, I fell in love during the 5th week of your Love Yourself Fearlessly course!”

– Lisa Barnes, United Kingdom

“My healing with you was absolutely fantastic, the Skype sessions were incredible  you really have wonderful connections with your guides & the healing work you did for myself & family was spot on! I am deeply grateful. Each week brought new healings & your intuition is mind blowing. I look forward to doing more work with you & learning with you. For the work you have done, I am truly grateful.”

– Carole

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