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Anxiety? Depression? Loneliness? Fear? Confusion? Relationship issues? When we are in conflict with ourselves, we are going to have conflict with others. If you are looking for Love and Happiness, you’ve come to the right place! Jennifer is your guide to living the life you LOVE filled with passion, purpose, and happiness. You DESERVE IT!!!

My programs have helped thousands around the globe, wherever you are.

Happiness JumpStart

This 3-hour audio program will help you live in a constant state of joy and overwhelming happiness!

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Infinite Love

Change your mindset to have the love you dream of!

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Love Yourself Fearlessly

Jennifer’s signature program: 7 workbooks and videos guide you into loving acceptance of you.

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If you found your way to me, it is for a reason. There are no accidents. You deserve to be loved, happy, healthy, and abundant. I hope my story will inspire you to know that you can be happy just as you are and free of anxiety, depression, and unhappiness.

Each of us has experienced trauma. I help you see and understand the purpose of what has happened in the past to make today brighter and tomorrow amazing! No matter where you are today, whether it is reading my blog, using the teachings and clearings on my audio programs, or working with me privately, my goal is to help you feel better, more positive, and see the world and universe as a safe place where you are constantly supported and loved. I help you find the beauty and love under the story and pain.

With a shift in perspective, amazing miracles begin to happen for you. Life becomes better when you change your focus. When you feel better about yourself and life, you magnetize wondrous things and people to you. Your finances improve as you feel better and understand how manifesting works. As we clear attachments, negativity, fear, trapped emotions, old beliefs, and patterns that don’t serve you and keep bringing what you don’t want, you will feel better about yourself. You become authentic and stop worrying about what others think about you. When you feel truly good about yourself, your relationships change for the better. Instead of hating to be alone with yourself, you enjoy time in solitude. People of a higher vibration are magnetized to you because you are vibrating higher.

I give you permission to love yourself so much you might want to date yourself! Self-love is the key to happiness, and I help you get there.


For nearly 20 years I have been working with women and men just like you. I have transformed the lives of countless women on the path by developing the foundational programs “Love Yourself Fearlessly” and “Aphrodite Effect”. I have shared the miracles, abundance, joy, passion and intimacy that is there for us all. You can have what you desire. It’s a simple yet profound journey, and it can begin right now!


It starts with a decision and commitment from you. You will be surprised just how simple it is. Small shifts in perspective bring profound results.  Contact me today. Let me show you how good it feels to TRANSFORM. You will not be disappointed.

My Books are Best Sellers

Orgasm for Life

Written from personal experience, Jennifer’s data was collected between the sheets. Her candid, honest style draws you into her bedroom sharing over 40 years of passion, experimentation and insight. Healing sexual dysfunction is Jennifer’s passion. “Sexy, passionately written, and inspiring.”

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Happy Anywhere

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Thank you so much for saving my life. Without your advice, I would have probably reacted differently during a recent robbery at gunpoint. I immediately remembered your previous reading telling me it’s not worth it to try and take the gun from this person, so I didn’t. Thank you so much”
~ Michael

After our session yesterday, I felt energized and HAPPY for the first time in years! Despite my Fibromyalgia pain, I feel light, like a huge weight has been lifted from me. It’s so nice to feel like I can actually take a deep breath and breathe. life feels happy and optimistic again (I haven’t felt this way in over 10 years!). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
~ Lauren

My life has been continually transformed since meeting you. I discovered the deeper level of pure gratitude and understanding of how every moment of every day is a gift.”
~ Stephanie

Whoever embarks on the journey of true self-discovery needs courage, resolve and some real help. Jennifer was just the person to do that. She totally gets the challenges because she has lived it. Her wisdom, strength and intuition were key to helping me through a divorce, a move and a new business – happening all at the same time, of course. The best part: the results were almost immediate. I am used to the talk-talk therapy that takes a least 2 years with minimum results. I was able to find my perfect home with minimal stress and kick start an award-winning business – in a month! If someone could just bottle up what she has and give it to every mental health professional, the world would be a better place! Don’t wait. She’s just simply an amazing person with a gift that works.”
~ Alice B.

Jennifer and I have worked together for years. I have progressed beyond where I never could have without her help. Jennifer is smart, open-minded, always learning and upgrading herself and not rigid. She does not have a dogmatic system. I do not believe in a singular creator god and I am not looking to surrender my individual being to the all. I guess I am what would commonly be called more left hand path than right hand path. Instead of stories about alien and angel guides, Atlantis, 5-D ascension and labeling the ego a boogeyman – ideas that were not up for debate and used to set up a master-student paradigm by most ‘light workers,’ Jennifer’s warm heart and brilliant mind were open to the idea that ‘there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ She did not have a problem when I told her I was self-created and in some senses did not even have a soul. Instead of becoming angry or afraid, she was intrigued. She knew that not only was there more than one path on the road to ascension, there was also more than one final goal! The only things more amazing are her results and her abilities. She gets results every time, and if a new problem comes up, will design and determine what she needs to do to help you. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the ONLY healer I have worked with who understands at times even doubt and skepticism have a place. Most healers will say you must have faith for their methods to work. Jennifer does not require this – doubt away – because her methods and power ACTUALLY work.”
~ Owen S.

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