Do you believe you are connected to a higher power? Source of all Source… beyond opinion and speculation? Jennifer Elizabeth Masters weaves her personal experience with that of the wondrous cosmic world of guides and angels and healing entities for the purpose of healing, truth, and connection to one’s deepest God self. – JI, Denver, CO

The woman laughs, yes…. the real kind, that feels warm and round, kindred and without judgment. Oh, thank you for laughing! – JI, Denver, CO

Thank you again for the session. After we finished speaking my body felt chills, this lasted for most of the evening until I went to bed. I also wrote for about an hour, it was a combination of journalling and brain dumping. I released a lot of emotion and I became aware of thoughts and feelings that I hadn’t known before, most of them were about me continuing to punish myself and the voices in my head that tell me I am to blame. Realizing that led the way for me to do some serious forgiveness work. I have continued to be very happy and upbeat since our session.


Jennifer Masters listens and listens. She stops cold when interrupted and gives the floor and ceiling to her client. To be heard is to be loved to be loved is to remember, to remember is to relinquish to relinquish is to thrive, to thrive is to BE with GOD. – JI, Denver, CO

Before I began coaching with Jennifer, I got my heart broken repeatedly and I didn’t know why. I found myself through Jennifer’s coaching. I became this strong woman that was buried deep inside me. I have found my confidence and inner power through my work with Jennifer. I knew I deserved love, I just couldn’t get there on my own. – JI, Denver, CO

I’m aware that I have become very passive in my healing, somehow I assumed that as time went on things would magically improve, now I realize it’s an ongoing process.
Thank you for reminding me that I am not to blame.
Adell Heinemann | Associate Broker

I knew what I wanted and Jennifer helped me to discover that I deserved it. After 3 months with Jennifer I called her to say HE had arrived! He was someone I had always known, but never noticed before. We started to really connect. It was like magic. It literally happened overnight. He is everything I have been dreaming of. He is so into me and says all the things to me that I had prayed for.I am a much stronger woman and have learned so many great tools from Jennifer that I will continue to use every day. I’m confident, strong, happy, peaceful and healed (finally). Thank you Jennifer!
 – Blessings, Cindy McLelland

Amazing! Absolutely amazing!!! Jennifer, you are one of a kind and I so appreciate you and the work you do! In our journey together for 10 weeks I feel like a butterfly free from the cocoon. Every week was such a huge shift in growth that I can’t believe I am the same person. I think my progress was sped up by all the wonderful clearings that you did for me and my home. I literally sat and watched as my home became brighter as you were speaking and it even smells different! I look forward to working with you again in private and group sessions. Bless you and your family for you have truly been a blessing for mine.
– Love, Marianne Lazar


Lovely lady – you changed my life!
Everything is different. I left the relationship I was in and now live by myself whilst I re-align. I can’t even begin to tell you how different life is for me now. I have more energy than I know what to do with. There is an absolute abundance of love, joy and creativity flowing through my life. On the surface, I’m just a normal(!) lady about to enter my 50s living by myself, just renting a flat and teaching in a school. Inside, I now connect with energy and I simply love life – I truly do. Perhaps there will be big changes externally for me in 2014. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. I am happy and ready to serve wherever that needs to be and in whatever manner that needs to be.

I am forever indebted to you for enabling the biggest and most scary shift of my life – you held my hand and restored my trust. I love you deeply and hope we can meet one day. Let me know if you plan a visit to the UK in 2014. I will move mountains to be there.
– Much love, Dominique Connant xxxx UK


I now have greater awareness and calmness in my every-day life. Jennifer has helped me reawaken the connection with my Spiritual Guides and Holy Angels. Synchronicity and Abundance has been in full gear since my session with Jennifer. I feel blessed to have meet Jennifer on my journey in this lifetime. Jennifer is a wonderful-compassionate Spiritual Mentor, Teacher and Guide. Thank you for Everything Jennifer! – In Gratitude and with Love, J Kasia Bednarek, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  – JI, Denver, CO

I feel ready for anything lol, I loved the matrix work. Thank god for showing you to me!
– Lots of love, xxxxx
Carole Connor, UK

I fell in love while doing Jennifer’s 6 week course! He is my soul mate.  – Lisa Barnes, UK

Jennifer helped me to move on past traumatic events a little bit more each time.  I am now better able to handle social situations that would have caused me stress in the past.  She set the intention that a relationship would be easier and I am attracting more of those certain types of relationships ever since.  I am so encouraged by the real change at deeper levels than I thought possible.  She is a caring, intuitive, kind and knowing wise counsel.  I felt she “cleaned” and “emptied” the dross out of my “soul” so that better and better levels of being could actualize. – J.P. Denver, CO

“You won’t find a more committed, honest, gifted individual than Jennifer! I’ve loved working with her….she is truly the BEST!” – Leslie Walters, Boulder, CO

I had been struggling with the feeling of not being loved, I felt unworthy of love.  When Jennifer and I first worked together I was seeing someone that I didn’t love. I wondered would I ever find anyone for me? I wanted love, but it wasn’t happening. I was very sad, depressed and resentful. Jennifer helped me move through anger, depression quickly. I felt so wonderful after working with Jennifer that I could rise up and feel strong and empowered. I could again feel joy in myself. Right after working with Jennifer I met a wonderful man, Jennifer cleared the way so that we are now married and expecting our first child! Thank you Jennifer…..  Much love and gratitude.  Love u so much, hugs! – Dr. F a l a k Shaik, Gujarat, India

I have had two Akashic record readings with Jennifer. The only problem with the first one was that I didn’t heed her advice. I’ve had my Akashic records read by others, but I’ve never received the kind of practical advice I got from Jennifer. It’s not always easy to hear what she has to say because she doesn’t pull any punches, but that’s part of why it’s so valuable.
Who needs someone to always be agreeable to your own ideas when you’re looking for advice about your future? Sometimes you need someone who will shake you up a bit. If you’re ready to hear it, then let it come from Jennifer’s lips. You can trust her. I just wished I’d listened the first time, so I didn’t have to hear the chastising the second time.  – Debbie Unterman, Master Alchemist, Conference Room Therapy

Having known Jennifer both personally and professionally for more than eight years I can share she is extraordinary. In all her relationships, she brings a level of truth and authenticity that is rarely seen. Jennifer is compassionate and understanding, always allowing her clients and friends the chance to embrace new ideas, opportunities, and experiences to grow and learn. Countless times I have depended on her wisdom and gifts to navigate the storms and disappointments of my day-to-day life. Her insights and love shine through in everything she says and does. If you are looking for a standard bearer of Truth, authenticity and love in your life, I highly recommend Jennifer. – William D. Atlanta, GA


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