Transform with Jennifer – Let Go and Grow!
Transform with Jennifer – Let Go and Grow!

As a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Channel, and Spiritual Counselor, I work with you to overcome codependency, depression, fears, worrying and anxiety.  I help to open you to new possibilities you never thought possible, and I help you align with who you truly are and what you desire to accomplish. I lovingly illuminate your path, allowing you to reach your dreams.

Witness the transformation in your relationships, creative desires, endeavors, and lifelong struggles with false perception, self-hatred, and destructive or derailing behaviors.

More than a Life Coach

Delve into those vulnerable, long hidden areas of your life with a perceptive, grounded, trained and respected love coach, life counselor and channel, with access to insight and healing models rarely used. This is not another conversation with your shrink, neighbor or therapist. This is plunging into the intuitive, Divine and ancient wisdom practices.


Pricing for sessions:

Each session – $275 for 1 hour/$135 for 30 minutes

Package of 3 – $600 for 3 hours ($225 savings!)

6 Months Coaching Package
Let Go and Grow!

This package is my signature coaching package of 4 visits or calls/Skypes per month.  I believe that it takes six months of work, instruction, and practice to truly make change.  You really can have it all in life!

  • Package of 24 sessions for 6 months – $4,997 ($501 savings!)
  • Included in this package is the Love Yourself Fearlessly program
  • Clearings and Readings as you require
  • Life, Love, and Happiness coaching tailored to your needs
Transform with Jennifer – Let Go and Grow!

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